TzeBot - Discord Bot & Substructure

Multi language support, optimized and emote controllable music player, music channel, moderation commands, and so on for free!

You can either add your server or use it as substructure for your bot.

We care about your privacy

 By using TzeBot you agree to the following privacy policy. You have right to know what informations of yours have been storaged, shared and what's the deal with them. If you are a programmer or interested in programming you can just look out all of the lines of TzeBot. It's open source, and based on transparency policy. But also, you have right to know answers of each the questions below:

What data does this bot store?

  • "Server Guild ID" and "Prefix" to save and load prefixes
  • "Server Guild ID" and "Language" to save and load languages
  • "Server Guild ID", "Music Channel ID", "Music Message ID" to save and load music channels
  • "Server Guild ID" and "Message ID" to save and load voteroles
  • "Server Guild ID" and "Volume" to save and load volumes

Why do we need the data, and why do we use this data?

We need the data to make sure TzeBot working properly, we don't want to lose your settings or preferences in TzeBot in not expecting shutdown or scheduled maintenance, such as:

  • Prefix settings
  • Language settings
  • Music channels
  • Voteroles
  • Volumes

Other than Discord, do we share your data with any 3rd parties?

No, we do not share your data with any 3rd parties!

How can users get data removed, or how can users contact the bot owner?

You can just come to our support server or contact Tzesh#0101 in discord. Also you can just kick or ban TzeBot in your server.