TzeBot - Discord Bot & Substructure

You can either add your server or use it as substructure for your bot.

What is TzeBot?

 TzeBot is a discord bot which has multi language support, fully functional emote controllable music player in it, and really promising development for future. It's for public use, if you want to use it just invite TzeBot to your server. Also you can use it as a substructure of your bot. TzeBot has these properties:

Advanced Music Player - GUI Controllable With Reaction

 You can create a nice looking and emote controllable music channel creating music channel with ".channel create" and then go to the channel and type ".channel set".

  • And music channel allows to you use:
    1. Just type URL or name of the song that you want to play into channel and then,
    2. You can just react emotes to control the player.
  • Almost everything you will ever need in a music bot:
    1. .play [url/song name]: Searchs song name on YouTube or just get it from url and plays it.
    2. .pause: Pauses the current playing song.
    3. .resume: Resumes the paused song.
    4. .volume: Sets the volume of song. Default is 5%.
    5. .stop: Stops the current playing song and clears the queue.
    6. .skip: Skips the current song.
    7. .join: Bot joins to your voice channel.
    8. .leave: Bot leaves from your voice channel.
    9. .nowplaying: Shows the current playing song.
    10. .loop: Loops the current song.
    11. .queue: Shows the current queue.
    12. .shuffle: Shuffles the queue.

Fully Comprehensive Translation

 TzeBot has a fully comprehensive translation system in it. It's automatically starts in English language but you can switch it's language for Turkish just for now.

  • Changing language English to Turkish:
    1. .language turkish: Use this command to change TzeBot's language to Turkish. Also all the commands will change with the language.
  • Changing language Turkish to English:
  • .dil ingilizce: TzeBot itself starts with English all time time at first but if you just look at the Turkish language because of the all commands have been changed you have to write '.dil ingilizce' command to get back to English.

Advanced Moderation Commands

 TzeBot has fully functional administration commands:

  • To change bot's prefix in order to avoid confusion:
    1. .prefix [desiredprefix]: You can change bot's prefix to whatever you want. Default is '.'
  • Deleting messages in desired text channel:
    1. .clear [amount]: You can delete 2-100 messages which are not older than 2 weeks.
  • You can vote something that you want to:
    1. .vote question : answer1 : answer2 : ... : answer9: You can easily create a vote which has 2-9 answers.
  • You can create a voterole to give roles to your members according to the their answers:
    1. .voterole question : answer1 : @role1 : answer2 : @role2 : ... : @role4 You can easily create a vote which has 2-4 answers.
  • And of course you can change the language:
    1. .language turkish / .dil ingilizce: To change language to Turkish / To get back to English

How can I use it?

 You can either just add TzeBot to your server or download the TzeBot's system and after making necessary edits you can use it as your bot by hosting it.

By adding TzeBot to your server

Using TzeBot Substructure For Your Bot

 If you are planning to use TzeBot and all of it's functionalities as a substructure for your bot, you'll have need couple things get done. First of all, and most important go to the "Discord Developer Portal" then create an application afterwards create an bot and get token. For the rest of all things, just click on the button below.

  Don't worry, you'll get all of the existing and upcoming features, you are free to use TzeBot substructure!